The Exchange Club’s

74th Annual Halloween Parade
Thursday, October 27, 2022– 7:15pm

General Parade Rules:

1) Begin Line Up starting at 6:30pm at 6th Street & Asbury Avenue
2) Wear number on left side to be identified properly at Judges Stand
3) Judges will evaluate based on appearance, originality & artistry
4) No political themes and no throwing candy –-> can hand out candy

Additional Participant Information:
1) All Floats (Divisions 7 & 8): You must register your float. All floats will be required to enter the designated area by checking in with the float directors at the barricaded area at 5th & West Avenue by 6:15pm to gain entry. The best route would be to take either Wesley Avenue or Bay Avenue to 5th Street and then proceed to West Avenue. Face float South toward 6th Street & post numbers on Left Side. See Map.

2) Cheerleading & Drill Teams (Division 6): Cheerleaders, drill teams & dance teams are invited to register under Division 6 and MARCH ONLY in the parade. There will be no performances allowed or stopping in front of the judge’s stand in the interest of time. There will still be awards given under traditional judge’s criteria for appearance and originality.

3) All Antique Cars, Trucks or Other Vehicles wishing to simply drive in the parade (not competing) need not register. However, you will be required to line-up facing west on 6th Street on the Right Side of street approaching Asbury Avenue (on map area that shows “antique automobiles”). The best route is to come from Wesley Avenue onto 6th Street as Central Avenue will be barricaded. Please send email to oceancity_halloween@yahoo.com to confirm your attendance. See Map.

Division 1 – Individual Children up to Age 7, Numbers 100-199
Division 2 – Child in Groups of 2 or more (any age), Numbers 200-299
Division 3 – Individual Children over Age 7, Numbers 300-399
Division 4 – Marching Organizations / Groups in Costumes, Numbers 400-499
Division 5 – Family Groups or Adults, Numbers 500
Division 6 – Cheerleaders & Drill Teams, Numbers 600-699
Division 7 – Non-Commercial Floats, Numbers 700-799
Division 8 – Commercial Floats, Numbers 800-899
Division 1 Prizes: 1st, 2nd, 3rd + 3 Hon. Mention
Divisions 2 & 3 Prizes: 1st, 2nd, 3rd + 3 Hon. Men.
Divisions 4 & 6 Prizes: 1st and 2nd Place
Division 5 Prizes: 1st for Family & 1st for Adults
Division 7 & 8 Prizes: 1st & 2nd Place

Prizes: All award winners will be notified by phone the day after the parade.
Also, all winners will be printed in the following Thursday’s Ocean City Sentinel

To leave voicemail:
Parade Hotline @ 1-800-813-5580